Are you ready to integrate into your new culture and U.S. study?

Our online university readiness class teaches you how to integrate in the following five ways:

  1. Academically

  2. Linguistically

  3. Culturally

  4. Professionally

  5. Safety

Through years of research, we have learned the faster you integrate into your new environment the better quality of life you will experience in the U.S.  Are you ready to integrate and become fully prepared for your experience in the U.S.?

Class Video Introduction

It's Simple:

  1. Enroll in the Online Class "U.S. Academics and Culture"

  2. Complete the Class online At Your own Pace

  3. Gain 3 Bachelor's Degree Credits and transfer your U.S. University or college

  4. you will be Prepared to succeed in the classroom, gain networking skills, and be on your way to securing you job after graduation

How Does The Online Class Work?

Personalized Learning

Students identify similarities & differences between their country and the destination country's academic and cultural systems. 

Culture and Communication

Learn effective communication, networking, and small-talk skills to succeed in a foreign country.

Action Plan

Students create an Action Plan to bridge the gaps between countries and achieve personal goals.  

Learn At Your Convenience

Learn online, anytime, from anywhere. Complete class as fast or slow as you want within 12 weeks.

Student Rewards

Three Bachelor's degree credits from a regionally accredited U.S. university, Letter of Recommendation, & Certificate.


At least 14 years old.  Must have a computer and internet Access. No TOEFL required.  No application required.

Student Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

When To Enroll?

  • You can enroll at anytime. Depending on when you begin university credits will not be available until the end of the semester when you have completed the course.

  • Students complete the online class at their own pace within 12 weeks from the official class start date

  • Students will purchase a $35 online textbook software to complete the class during the first assignment

Who can enroll?

  • Students 14 years old, or older who can complete the class in English (No TOEFL required we recommend score of 60 and higher)

  • Students who want to learn success skills for U.S. study

  • Students who want to become more competitive for school and job applications