1-Day Workshop to Kick-Start the Online Class: U.S. Academics & Culture


1-Day Workshop to Kick-Start the Online Class: U.S. Academics & Culture


This option is great for students who want to combine the online university class: U.S. Academics and Culture, with an in-person classroom lesson led the U.S. Professor to get started as a group.

After the 1-day workshop is completed, students continue the class online. The Professor will be available online. 

Enroll today and get both the in-person class workshop and online study. 

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Dr. Madden-Dent Teaches Proven Strategies to Improve U.S. University Success Such As:



  • How to Earn Top Grades and Graduate Faster
  • What Not-To-Do at Schools, with Teachers, U.S. Friends, and Roommates

  • Academic English & Communication Skills

  • Most Helpful Campus Resources

  • Health & Safety Strategies

  • Transportation & Holiday Travel

  • Adjusting to Life in the USA as a New Student  

  • Starting U.S. Friendships and Networking Skills

  • Building Work Experience During Study

Student Rewards: 

  • 3 Undergraduate Bachelors’ Degree Credits Accepted at all U.S. Universities
  • Letter of Recommendation written by workshop Professor, Dr. Madden-Dent, PhD

Eligibility: Students age 14 and older, who want to study in the U.S.A. and who can complete the workshop and a paper in English. No TOEFL required. No application required. Students must bring to the workshop: a laptop that can connect to wireless internet, snacks, water, and lunch. 

Once you learn these topics, you will have the BEST UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE in the USA!